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Client feedback

12-08-2021 08:48:27

Hebei Lehui is my partner for many years, we met in 2013 China Interdye in shanghai , at first I didn't have much interest in their products, because our company has stable suppliers. Although we didn't cooperate, they often sent me some industry news and interesting information to share with me, so we became good friends over time, even though I didn't place any orders, even a sample order, with them during this period. Until September 2016, our original supplier could not provide us with the quality and delivery guarantee normally, I first thought of Lehui Dyestuff and confirmed the sample with me in the shortest time, we checked the sample for evaluation and found that it was really good, and the communication of the subsequent large production and payment method was also smooth. Until now, we have maintained a very good personal friendship in addition to our stable business relationship. ---- CEO Karras

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